Anti-lost Wrist Belt

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Anti lost Wrist Belt

Double safety buckle wrist strap, increase double protection link, safer to go out. It is convenient to take the old and the baby in public places, so as to prevent trouble in advance. Connected with the schoolbag, it becomes an anti-lost backpack. Built-in 301 steel wire, strong and tough, thick PU outer coating, high elasticity. Skin-friendly T-shirt cotton, comfortable, free wrist movement.

Material: PU Plastic + Steel
Cable length: 1.5m
Color: Blue, Pink, Orange, Green
Application: shopping mall, scenic station, supermarket, elevator, vegetable market, crossing the road, etc.
Suitable for: children, the elderly.
The busy mom can easily handle this situation by using this belt. Nowadays the kids are too active they always try for freedom and that freedom can bring darkness. So anti-lost wrist belt can be the proper solution for this problem.

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