Small Pool Snooker

৳ 1,000.00


PRODUCT INFORMATION: – Table size: 47.8 x 26.8 cm- Designed to resemble a real billiards table, including 2 types of balls: digital billiard balls and snooker balls – Plastic table High-grade ABS, extremely sturdy, velvet-covered tabletop – The table is equipped with 2-3 plastic sticks. – The screw details are very solid, strong bearing, very durable, used for a long time without being damaged. – Making very beautiful and meaningful gifts for children – Making entertainment toys in the office space is very suitable, increasing solidarity and relieving stress after stressful working hours – The toy set is very suitable for children. Children play together or with adults is also very good – Make sure the children are very attractive and excited to play, creating exciting games and endless laughter. The more you play, the more you like it – Help your baby stay away from games on TV, phone,