Baby Nasal Aspirators Pipe

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1. The U-shaped design of the front end can effectively suck out the baby’s nasal water, and will not absorb the mucous membrane in the baby’s nose and cause injury!
2. The slanting design of the suction tube can easily reach into the baby’s nose at any angle.
3. The material of the nasal suction tube is quite soft. Even if the baby moves during the feeding of the nose by Mommy, it will not cause damage to the baby’s nose.
4. This nasal aspirator is equipped with anti-backflow device, Mommy will not suck the baby’s nose!

Package Included: 1*Nasal aspirator
Material: food grade PP + silicone
Specification: 21*3.2CM

1.Put the suction tube into the mouth, lift the baby, insert the suction tube into the baby’s nostrils, and slowly suck the nose out.
2. If the nasal water hardens and condenses, do not force it out. First warm the nose with a warm towel, then gently suck the baby’s nasal water.

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